Welcome to Barker collars, the worlds leading launderer of starched collars and other formal dress wear. We provide starching services to some of the top households and institutions in the world.
Along with members of Royalty from around Europe we provide this now rare and sought after service to members of the armed services, the legal profession, the film and theatre industry, Toastmasters and many other individuals who enjoy wearing high quality dress wear finished to a traditional standard.
Our Laundry has been processing collars and dress wear since 1861 from its original site in Bournemouth. We employ traditional methods in the manufacture of our starch mixes and apply years of specialist knowledge to produce a polished starched collar to the same standard that was expected in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
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Stiff collars

How Do I Get My Stiff Collars Laundered & starched?

Five generations of craftsman’s knowledge is used to return client's stiff collars to pristine condition. Our despatch department then ensures that the cleaned stiff collars are returned to their owners as quickly as possible. Click here to learn more about our collar starching service.

Dress Wear

Barker collars are only available direct from us through this website or by ordering over the telephone. These hand finished items are now worn by 100’s of discerning individuals along with our range of high quality ‘La Valière’ dress shirts, waistcoats and bow ties. If you are in the legal profession you will be interested in our smart legal tunic shirts and barristers bands.

Dress Cufflinks

Our cufflink range has been produced locally in Bournemouth and has been chosen for their appeal and quality of workmanship. Our purpose is to provide a small selection of mostly smart and some novel cufflinks to compliment our dress shirts in the array of occasions that you may choose to wear them. They also make excellent gifts and we are happy to gift wrap and post them to the recipient of your choice.


We have carefully selected items that we hope will appeal to our clients. We have an exciting new range of ties along with collar studs, bow ties and beautiful mother of pearl collar stiffeners amongst other quality items which all compliment our core range of collars and shirts. Why not treat yourself to a new tie now?